My experience with Loop Prime

by Julian David Fernandez

Today I want to present to you this great worship tool great to make easy the laborious task of playing with multitrack during your Sunday’s services. In my local church, we have a simple PA system with just 2 QSC speakers and Yamaha 16 channel analog console. So the LoopPrime iOS app it’s a great solution.

We are a simple band of 5 members with guitar, bass, 3 vocals, and drummer. During years of experience playing every Sunday, you feel that to fill spaces while playing and during the transition between song becomes an important aspect to analyze and fulfill. Becomes something important because when you are performing with just a few instruments and no keyboard player you need some support in order to help the church praise and worship. You feel like a giant weight on your shoulders.


Basically what we have is a single PAD in the key of D with different dynamics that makes the PAD listen live and create a sense of change during the song.

Screenshot of my iPad with Prime app running, an example of a typical Sunday SetList

Basically what I do is that during the worship I change the key of the PAD depending on the song that we are playing and fade it out when we finish a song.

The key of the PADs is to have support for bass and guitar to fill the prayers or the song endings that the worship leader want to repeat. If that is the case.

Key changer and fadeOut/fadeIn button

So where to get some PADs I will give you 2 options:

  • Worship Tutorials have a free pack with 7 PADs of about 20 minutes long each one that will suit you perfectly.
  • The other one is trying to create your own PAD. You will just new a DAW and a controller to create them in the key you want. In a later post, I will teach you how to create a simple PAD completely free.


This new feature really makes things simple to make a transition between two songs with different keys. For example, if you are playing in E and whats to change to D without disturbing the audience you create a SetList with 2 PADs one in E and the other one in D, organize them in order with the crossfader option on. This will create a smooth sensation barely imperceptible for the audience and your song will smoothly change with an amazing sound.

Crossfading PADs track


And finally, the gear to make this work. Well is just a simple audio wire connection that comes out from my iPad direct into a DI box into an analog Yamaha mixer. I am going to leave you the Amazon links where you can get all the stuff I use.

Behringer Signal Direct Box (DI800 V2)

IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand universal mic stand support for iPad and tablets

3.5mm to RCA Cable,CableCreation Angle 3.5mm Male to 2RCA Male Auxiliary Stereo Audio Y Splitter Gold-Plated for Smartphones, MP3, Tablets, Speakers,Home Theater,HDTV,1.6ft/0.5m

Thank you and keep reading my posts.

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January 10, 2020 at 10:15 am

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